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I'm Paula, a certified transformative life coach. I help people who are feeling bored or burnt out from their fast paced life find more peace, a sense of purpose, and a re-discovery of what brings them joy. .


  • Testimonial

    “Working with Paula was amazing. and I learned a lot about myself. She has the knowledge, background and a warm heart to help me in this process. I loved the support encouragement and insights. She held a sacred space for me.”

    - Paola

  • Testimonial

    “Paula is one of the most delightful souls I’ve met on my personal development journey. She’s down to earth and present with you, with incredible insight and space that makes you feel comfortable discussing any topic. With her guidance, I was able to recognize the places where I was selling myself short, discover why I was engaging in behaviors that didn’t serve me, and make a real change. Top it off with her uncanny way of making you laugh and you’ve got a life coach who you can build a lasting relationship with. I cannot recommend working with her enough.”

    - Ann

  • Testimonial

    “While working with Paula I have gained greater focus on my passions, without having to give anything up. The coachingĀ I’ve receive is customized for my work style and dreams, while leaving plenty of room for creative endeavors. Through gaining clarity and momentum for my dreams, I’m finally in a sweet spot where everything feels possible if I choose to pursue it.”

    - Jenna

  • addie_testimonial

    “Working with Paula has been quite a rewarding and enriching experience. Her gentle style and unwavering support for me in our sessions has allowed me to tap deeper into what’s really going on with me. Over the course of our work, I’ve grown and changed. While I did the work myself, it was with Paula’s assistance and guidance. Anyone looking for a heart-centered, loving coach should consider working with Paula.”

    - Addie



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